Asset Management

RSI Asset Management, LLC is a new division formed by RSI to address the demand for a property management firm that not only meets the needs of the Owners, but Tenants as well.


Having been in commercial real estate for over 30 years, the RSI team has witnessed the results of a poorly managed building. With that in mind, RSIAM, LLC was founded to correctly address all facets of Asset Management:

  • The Property
  • The Tenants
  • The Owner
  • The Value

Whether you are an experienced Private Investor with multiple properties, an Institutional Entity, or a first-time Owner with a single investment, RSIAM, LLC has the experience, knowledge and facilities to make your investment more profitable and less burdensome.

RSI Asset Management, LLC is equipped to manage office, retail, and industrial properties ranging in size from 10,000-450,000 square feet. The ability to meld our relationships with national tenants and local property owners has been the driving force behind the success of RSI for over 30 years and will continue with RSI Asset Management, LLC.

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On the residential side, RSI REO is a full-service REO division with a hand selected group of staff members and vendor-contractors dedicated to servicing pre- and post-foreclosure properties.

We are well versed in the negotiation of all aspects of REO real estate, including short sales, deeds-in-lieu, and note sales. Current and former clients include Kondaur Capital Corporation, Washington Mutual Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Nationstar, Premiere, Assetlink, and Saxon Mortgage Services. In addition to our corporate clientele, RSI REO also represents local trustees and receiverships in bankruptcy liquidation sales.